Acrobatics Classes

  • Indoor classes featuring aerial and street acrobatics
  • Train in both soft play and hard surface spaces
  • Build strength, agility, fitness and confidence
  • Learn from qualified acrobatics and gymnastics coaches

Learn Acrobatics in London

The benefits of acrobatics training are immense. You’ll improve your coordination, spatial awareness, rotational abilities, explosive power, agility, stability and flexibility. You’ll also build fantastic confidence in movement and feel safer and more competent during any other type of movement activity.

Our Acrobatics Classes build your skills from the ground up, progressing you towards the foundational somersaults, tricks and aerial moves. No prior experience is required, and whatever your ability you will be challenged to master the next skill on your movement continuum.

Each class will also develop the physical capacities required to perform acrobatics, strengthening your body to achieve its full potential.

Plus, you’ll learn how to spin, flip and somersault, which is pretty cool.

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