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Kids Parkour in London

Our Kids Parkour Classes are now managed by our sister branch, The Parkour School; which provides a safe environment in which children can learn the fundamental movements and methods of parkour. Regular movement and exercise is a vital aspect of every healthy child’s upbringing. We believe in developing broad physical literacy first, unlocking and encouraging each child’s true physical potential and helping them grow up into a strong, fit, healthy adult.

Our Kids Parkour Classes involve a wide variety of games, activities, challenges and tasks for kids to develop and embrace their movement potential, while also building core skills such as resilience, problem-solving, self-efficacy, lateral thinking, teamwork and friendship. Our Parkour Animal Paths system of development is designed specifically to capture the natural abilities of young people and expand upon them to help them achieve their full potential both in body and mind.

If you want your child to discover how to move and explore their potential in a safe environment then sign them up for a class or induction at The Parkour School!

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