Specialist Skills Classes

  • Everything from Handstands and Obstacle Course Training to Groundwork, Mobility and recovery skills!
  • Add both flair and function to your training with specific skills classes
  • Build strength, agility, fitness and confidence
  • Train with world class, specialist movement coaches

Stronger, fitter, more mobile

Our range of Specialist Skills Classes are designed to support and enhance your movement capacities, fitness and overall wellness.

You have one body and it’s your most important tool to achieve what you want in life – so keeping it healthy, functioning and balanced should be an absolutely fundamental aspect of your daily practice.

Classes include Obstacle Course Training, Mobility & Flexibility, Groundwork, Handbalancing and more, so whatever you’re looking to work on we have the answers. These classes work perfectly in conjunction with our daily Parkour Classes, building you into a well-rounded and capable mover while preventing injuries and restoring your functionality.

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