Rendezvous International Parkour Gathering 2024


16-18 August 2024


Rendezvous XVI is a three day immersive experience of workshops, presentations, training and knowledge led by some of the most acclaimed parkour and movement coaches gathered from all over the globe. Join this summer's biggest parkour party now!

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IN THE NEWS - Stylist Magazine Feature

Who provides one of the Top 8 Hottest Workouts of the Summer? We do of course! As voted by Stylist Magazine.

NEXT GENERATION - Introducing Daniel Symonds

This month it's graduation for one of our long time academy members, who has now made it all the way through to our coaching team. Please meet, Daniel Symonds.

Your Mind Is Not Always Your Friend

It is important to remember that not always is your own mind your friend. In fact, the mind is the most slippery of opponents, and the most cunning, and the most persistent.

Swap Motivation For Discipline

Winter is a tough time for many around the world, but it's also the time of greatest potential energy. But this requires discipline, and discipline trumps motivation every time.

WIPW is back in 2022!

After a two year hiatus, we're back to celebrate the fabulous traceuse community with a stellar line up of female coaches and a chance to train in a female-only, supportive and friendly environment.⁠

Spring Camps

Wondering how you'll keep your kids entertained this coming half-term? Look no further than our super fun youth parkour training camp. Read on...

Winterval Gallery

This years' Winterval was all about discovery... exploring nw terrain on the Isle of Dogs and new potential within ourselves.

Guest Coach

It's always an honour to bring in coaches from across the world for our annual events and this year is no exception. We're thrilled to introduce you to Stefano from Scotland!

Venue Update

We know there is huge anticipation around a new venue ever since we left our first building at Trinity Buoy Wharf, and we've been hard at work vetting options across London over the last few months.