Gym Jam with a little sprinkle of Christmas!

Get ready for all the fun of this festive season with our annual Christmas Gym Jam. Free to members and a special price for guests! Read on...

For People In Motion

As of December 2020 we will be holding Skochy stock at our London Chainstore Gym, enabling you to get hold of it without having to pay the shipping.

Get into the spirit!

Join us for our free monthly meet-up with, where you'll get the chance to hone your movement and embrace challenge amongst friends!





Explore the city and yourself like never before: join a Parkour Generations Night Mission for a dusk-till-dawn event of training, learning, challenge and exploration unlike anything you've ever experienced. Be prepared to pit your body, mind and spirit against the trials of the unique PKGen Night Mission Experience, to see if you can pass the test and claim the legendary Night Mission Dog-Tags.

Jumping Behind The Lens

Looking at the various ways of seeing and experiencing parkour, with professional photographer and traceur Viktor Andersson.

Winter(val) Is Coming!

Are you ready to embrace the elements and assess your training goals for this coming new year?