28 October 2023


Are you ready for a Halloween you'll never forget...that's if you survive it at all?! Join us for our annual throwdown of strength, agility, mental fortitude and physical badassery!

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The 'Movers List' by Lucozade Sport

We’re very proud to announce that our founder Dan Edwardes, is featured in the UK’s first ever ‘Movers List’.

Rendezvous 2019 Done!

The annual parkour gathering in London was an incredible success, and we're still recovering from the awesomeness....

ADAPT Certification: London Courses

Become a certified parkour coach with the international official ADAPT Qualifications in London.

Boost your OCR with Parkour

Could parkour be the answer to upping your OCT game? Spartan UK & Ireland Regional Series winner, Evie Waring shares her thoughts.

Rendezvous Coaches in Town

International parkour coaches leading PKGen London classes during the Rendezvous period, mid-August!

Get the Parkour App

It's App Time! Get over to the App Store and install our brand new mobile app to book classes, grab spaces at events and much more...

Welcome to PKGen London!

PKGen London has got its very own website and mobile app... and we think you'll love it!