Welcoming Lola Roy to PKGEN

We're very excited to introduce Lola Roy to the PKGen London team, for a 5 month parkour internship at our Republic HQ.


Join us for the first exclusive Members Only Movie Night, a chance to hang out with friends and watch a classic action movie featuring parkour!


Traceur Matt McCreary is joining us for a one-off workshop, to share his funkier style of engaging with the environment.

NEW PARKOUR COACH - Say hey to Zak!

We're injecting some new blood into our coaching team too and Zak Winston brings with him a wealth of experience and skills!

HOLIDAY SEASON - Christmas Opening Hours

With Christmas upon us we know you're keen to get your holiday schedule set... so here it is!

WELCOMING - Our New PKS Receptionist

Our Youth Parkour team are growing fast! Welcoming Tanmaya to the crew.

ANNUAL THROWDOWN - End of Days Workout

You'll train hard. You'll sweat and laugh and maybe cry too... but you'll feel like you really sent the year out with a bang.

NEW COACH - Introducing Glenn Coburn

WELCOMING GLENN ...💪🏼 There's a new strength coach on the block and we're excited to share his story with you.

Rendezvous International Parkour Gathering 2024


16-18 August 2024


Rendezvous XVI is a three day immersive experience of workshops, presentations, training and knowledge led by some of the most acclaimed parkour and movement coaches gathered from all over the globe. Join this summer's biggest parkour party now!

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The Parkour School - 1 Year Anniversary

A year on from when we first opened our doors to the public, we’re taking a look back over the development and progress of The London Parkour School.